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Why Us?


Why Our Way Weight Lifting Equipment strives for the highest quality fitness products

Our weight lifting straps (W.O.W STRAPS) have been tested and are widely used by the world's most powerful athletes. W.O.W Straps are the most durable and comfortable lifting straps in the game period! Our product is manufactured in the USA to keep the quality to its highest

W.O.W Straps are designed to stop the rotation of the barbell/dumbbell (targeting the specific muscles your looking to hit). 

Our straps lessen the need to re-grip during big pulls and high rep workouts, thus allowing you to get more from your lifting sessions.

With W.O.W Straps you will gain comfort, control, and confidence during your workouts. 

You deserve the best!

Stop selling yourself short with average, low quality, weak, and inefficient products. 

Level Up!

W.O.W Straps will get you the results you seek! Whether it's a stronger dead-lift or more reps during pull ups. We will get you there!