W.O.W Straps Reviews


Chris Duffin


 I have been using WOW Straps exclusively for all my big attempts on deadlifts.  I've lost count of the number of straps I've tested, and nothing keeps me connected to the bar like WOW Straps" - Chris Duffin

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Pro Strongman Matt Mills

 Like most strongman competitors I have gone through a lot of lifting straps over the years. Most have torn on a lift and even some during a competition. The W.O.W. straps I have been using for months constantly for my heaviest deadlifts and they have never let me down. The best part about them is not only are they the most durable straps I have ever used they are also the most comfortable!    D

Champion Athlete Jon Marshall


My new WOW straps by Why Our Way Weight Lifting Equipment kicked butt.. Never used a wrap like this. You want to over load with comfort and the security that no matter what youre pulling the strap will hold then you need to order these.. Email my boy Lenny Cjr and get yours now!! PULL BIG BABY!!!! Team P & I Approved!

Chris Mason


I was recently given the opportunity to try a new type of wrist strap call W.O.W Straps. These straps utilize a unique system to secure your hands to the bar. This system, while a little trickier to get used to than standard straps, provides the best grip I have ever experienced with a pair of straps. If you incorporate wrist straps into your training, especially for deadlifts and rows, I recommend you give W.O.W Straps a try.

Sam Grammer


Going into day 2 for strongman nationals I jacked up both of my arms in the first event. My biceps and forearms were killing me, I could barley close my hands. To make matters worse I had my worst event up next, the car dead lift.
The only reason I didn't panic was I knew I had my WOW straps with me.  I used the grip lock and pulled 4 solid reps allowing me to qualify for the Arnold's. I know if i was using any other straps i would have not been able to keep my grip. Thank you guys for making these straps!

William Ellinger

 Lenny came to the Iron Empire to show me his straps and let me try them out in several different lifts. He obviously put a lot of time and thought into these straps and the quality in the way they work is proof that his work paid off! I have never seen a strap that could give you such a tight grip. I have also never seen one that was so versatile. Needless to say I was very impressed with Lenny's knowledge and his product. If you do any heavy lifting, strongman type lifts etc. I would highly recommend giving them a try! 

W.O.W Straps Reviews


Pro Strongman Robert Kearney


Heavy deadlifts have been a staple in my training for a long time, but now with Nationals right around the corner the weight is going up and up (not a bad thing). I've been using the W.O.W straps for every session and have yet to miss a lift. I know with these straps I will never miss a lift because my straps fail. I've never felt so locked into the bar before! These are the only straps i use now and will definitely be using them on the Car DL at Nationals.... W.O.W for the WIN!

Pro Strongman Carlos Reyes


"I am a creature of habit in my daily life, and the same applies to my weight training. At first, I was reluctant to try the WOW Straps because I felt the straps that I was currently using were good enough. They had never given me problems in competition, so why fix what isn't broken? But that attitude changed when I tried the WOW Straps at the Hudson Valley Strongman competition. During the demonstration that Lenny and the WOW Team put me through, I could immediately tell that the WOW Strap design was completely different than any strap I had used before. Due to the fact that the strap goes around your hand, it provides a sense of bar control that I hadn't experienced before. My hands felt like vise grips and I couldn't feel the bar slip even one inch. After I got a pair from Lenny, I was able to pull a PR on the deadlift, using a slicker bar than I normally care to use. WOW Straps are the real deal!"

Ifbb Pro Brandon Curry


W.O.W Straps are a very simple yet effective tool to secure your grip for any heavy lifts, going far beyond traditional straps in durability and function.


Josh Conner

 I was refereed these straps by the owner of my gym. After just one day of lifting I ordered mine the next day. You never lose grip, no strain on your wrists just locked in and ready to roll. Once you learn how to strap them in, its simple and effective. Highly recommended! Try them strapped lifting will never be the same. Guaranteed! 

Prince Fontenot


After many years of lifting I must say the WOW straps are helping me get the job done like never before. As some of you know I'm a professional wrestler. Making my return to the squared circle ensured that i had to come in big. Well that only comes thru lifting some heavy weight. I'm throwing up major pounds with these straps. They got me feeling Flintstone Hardcore. talk about old school with a new school twist. The WOW Straps. Get Some!!!!!